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AC Installation Phoenix

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Places Where You Shouldn’t Install Your AC


Nothing beats the joy of enjoying the cool breeze of your air conditioner in the hot summer season. Stepping into a crisp, cold, and air-conditioned room on a hot summer day is a joyful feeling. Having an air conditioner installation in your home is a must, especially if the same placing one in the window near your bed. However, it is very important to mention that an air conditioner installation cannot be done in every corner of your house. Not every window is fit for installing an AC unit in your house. When it comes to indoor as well as outdoor AC units, there are a few places where you shouldn’t install your AC. Below listed are the places where you must avoid the installation of an air conditioner at any cost:


Avoid hotter parts of the house:


Air conditioner installation in the hotter parts of the house or a yard is a big no and you must avoid the same at any cost. Placing an AC unit in the hottest parts of your house might make sense to some people, however, this is when your air conditioner will have to work really hard in order to keep the inside of your house cool. In return, you will get to bear a lot of expenses to pay as your electricity bill. Thus, it is recommended to avoid placing the air conditioner directly into the hot area. You can always choose a spot which is slightly shady and close enough for the unit to cool down all the hotter areas.


Avoid hiding the air conditioner:


Placing your AC unit in a shady area during the process of air conditioner installation doesn’t mean putting the unit behind the couches, plants, or any other thing which might intrude in the proper functioning of the air conditioner for you. Hiding the air conditioner could directly mess with ventilation. If you are outside, the coils could easily clog with the leaves and twigs. Thus, you must not avoid hiding the unit.


No installation near fire hazards:


This is the most important suggestion that you must keep in mind during the process of air conditioner installation in your house. It is always advised to be careful about the surroundings. Make sure that the AC unit is not hidden and it not located near anything which could lead to the occurrence or spread of any kind of electrical fire. This could be the most dangerous thing for you as well as your house, and hence you must always be careful about the same.


Do not install near the trash can:


Another annoying situation during the process of air conditioner installation is when you install the AC near the trash can in your house. This would make your house smell bad. An air conditioner requires a lot of space in terms of breathing and filtering the air properly. Air conditioners also grab the air from nearby surroundings. Hence, if you are installing your AC unit near the trash can, you will never be able to enjoy the sweet air as the air could get smelly. An extra tip during the process of air conditioner installation is to avoid sharing the circuits as air conditioners usually require a lot of power. Find a new spot for your AC and always be careful about installing the AC unit at different places in your house.  

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